How to get involved

As St. FX students and faculty, you have experienced just how incredible our community is. With many of us returning home to locations spanning Canada and abroad, we have been uprooted from day-to-day interactions with friends, professors and community members. Despite this, our Xaverian spirit and love for St. FX remains strong and now is a fantastic time to connect more with our community. Whether you volunteer in the community, have had a chat with Father Stan, have attended a university sporting event or frequented one of the many incredible local businesses, you know just how much the community of Antigonish puts into our school and its students and how greatly we rely on them as well.

If you miss St. FX, here is a great way for students and faculty alike to reconnect with Antigonish and promote social solidarity!

  • Click on the link below and leave your contact information. Please indicate if you have any preferences for who you are paired up with (a local senior citizen or elementary/high school student) and if you would be interested in more than one pen pal.

  • Please indicate if you have any limitations when corresponding with your pen pal. Ideally, we would like to work via email or online video/audio chat like Skype. However, we are looking to accommodate everyone, so telephone calls or "snail mail" are possible options!

  • You will be contacted with information about the pen pal you have been matched with to begin correspondence! 

  • How often you communicate and the method of communication is up to you and your pen pal (though we would recommend at least once weekly)- if you have any challenges or questions, don't hesitate to reach out via Facebook or through the Contact page!

  • Join the Facebook group if possible, to keep up with communication and help spread the word about the project!

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